Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a-rovin', a-rovin', since rovin's been my ruin

Surely there must be a dyer out there who likes both roving and sea shanties? I bet there's a blog named after A'Rovin'.

Anyway. Based on many helpful responses from my contest, I have been dyeing a fair amount of roving. Well, top to be more exact.

First, the custom for the winner of the contest, MamaMay:

And because several people said they liked to see the whole extent of the fiber, here's a photo of it unbraided:

Coral Reef is up for sale on Thursday at my store:

And Tawny of Baby Bean Designs spun my Provence top for me. The big skein is plied with a semi-solid reddish-purple top; the mini-skein is just Provence. Not a great photo, since the yarn is so lustrous; I'll try to retake it before I knit it up.

Here's the original top for reference:

There's more on my Flickr--look under the fiber or roving tag.
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