Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my first dyeing dream

In my dream, I was walking through an abandoned apartment building with an ex-boyfriend. We went into one of the apartments, and I was immediately struck by how it would be a perfect dye studio. There was a commercial stove with huge burners, just right for large canning pots. There was some sort of amazing sink--the details escape me now, but somehow it was the ideal setup for rinsing yarns. I opened a closet door, and the hanging rods were just right for drying yarn. There was a room where I could store my yarns, and another area where I could efficiently package up orders. The windows were huge and let in all sorts of natural light. And that whole huge apartment would have been mine, and mine alone.

I think my ex-boyfriend was trying to convince me to give it another shot with him. That fantasy dye studio was part of the package. It was awfully tempting, but in the end, I regretfully gave it up and decided to stay with my real life.

Funny that it was the workspace that I found so enticing. I'm really not sure what that dream says about me, besides that I've been spending a lot of time dyeing in imperfect spaces.
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