Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer of Fiber Fortune: winning numbers for week #1

This week’s winning numbers are:

10% discount: 52

free shipping: 3

$5 discount: 6

the Summer of Fiber Fortune begins

It's summertime--the season for fun and games! At Black Sheep Gathering last weekend, I kicked off my Summer of Fiber Fortune game. On the back of each yarn/braid label, you’ll find a fortune cookie-style message and three random numbers. All yarn and fiber purchased between now and August 31 will have these labels.

Each week during the summer, I’ll be drawing random numbers for little prizes, like free shipping, $5 store credit, 10% discount, etc. If you’ve got a label with a winning number, send me a photo (or you can post it as a comment on my blog, my Facebook page, or in my Ravelry group), and claim your prize!

All prizes and discount codes must be redeemed by the last day of Oregon Flock and Fiber, Sept 23. They cannot be applied retroactively.

Other fine print: Each winning number can be used once. If a number gets drawn for more than one type of prize, the customer will be able to choose which prize to redeem, but won’t be able to use both (e.g., either free shipping or 10% off, but not both). If she has two winning numbers with different prizes, she can use both. Discounts are not additive, so if you have two numbers for a 10% discount, you can only get 10% off a transaction, not 20%--but you can use your second discount for a second transaction.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

getting ready for Black Sheep Gathering

BSG is this week, and I'm in the homestretch of prep work. In an effort to get more than nine hours of sleep during the 72-hour period before the show, I quit dyeing a few days earlier than normal, in order to do labeling and pricing. It feels utterly unnatural but I'm glad I did it. If I end up with some extra time, I'll dye a little more.

Because I'm already packing, I've taken down the fiber listings from my Etsy store. If you've had your eye on any of the yarn listings, those will be taken down on Tuesday.

I have a super fun game that I'll be launching at BSG. Details this week!