Sunday, February 8, 2009

too many base yarns, not enough storage

Sometimes I get intrigued by a yarn description, and a primal urge to own it kicks in. Up till last year, I gave in quite a lot to this urge, resulting in many small lots of undyed yarn floating around my house.

Last summer, when I decided to ramp up my business and seek my first retailer, I also decided that I needed to cut back on the random test purchases. I narrowed down my product line to my personal favorites, and resolved not to order any other ones. I figured that it would help me to learn each base yarn's quirks more thoroughly, and there was something that I liked about the simplicity of only having seven base yarns. ("Only." That does seem like a lot.) For one, it's easier to organize everything if I can dedicate Rubbermaid tubs to just two or maybe three types of yarn, since I can keep better track of when I need to reorder.

I haven't been as good about limiting my base yarns this year. I've added a Corriedale worsted to the lineup as a good value yarn. But I also bought a few pounds of four other base yarns, just because. And I have recently become enamored of knitting with sport weight sock yarn, so I'm on the hunt for a superwash base yarn that fits the bill. My nice tidy lineup is threatening to become an unwieldy sprawling thing again.
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