Monday, August 12, 2013

Contest! Autumn Inspiration photos wanted

I’m starting to dye for autumn, which is my favorite season. The crisp air, the fall foliage (I grew up in New England), the brilliant blue skies, the feeling of a fresh new school year, hot apple cider--I love pretty much everything about it, except maybe the gigantic spider webs that pop up everywhere in the PNW.
Find your two favorite autumn photos and post them in my Ravelry group (I’ll pin them on my Pinterest inspiration board). They don’t have to be traditional autumn images--they can be what autumn means to you (a little back story would be cool, too). I’ll take the three with the most “love” clicks or the most repins, and dye colorways inspired by them, and we’ll vote for our favorite one of those. The person who came up with the original photo inspiration will get one skein or braid, on any base that I have.
Deadline is three weeks from today, Sept 2 (Labor Day). If you post your two favorites and then find another one you like better, you’ll need to delete one of your previous entries.
Have fun!