Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm not a spinner, but I play one on TV.

I have a crush on roving. I admire from afar, swoon when up close. I love how the colors melt into one another.

But unfortunately, I'm not a spinner. I've figured out a no-felt dyeing method for roving that I like, but I've got other questions.

So I'm looking for advice from spinners as to what they like to see in their roving. If you're a spinner and post a reply with your answers to the following questions, I'll put your name into a drawing on January 31 for 4 oz of free roving from me. (That includes shipping in the US or Canada, and a reduced charge for other international destinations.) Hand-dyed in your choice of colors, on either Blue-Faced Leicester, superwash BFL, or Jacob lambswool. Be sure to include your e-mail address in the appropriate box--it won't show up with your reply, but I'll still have a way to get a hold of you.

1. How long do you like your stripes of color to be? 2", 3", 4", or something else? A variety of lengths?

2. Do you like sharp color contrasts (light/dark, opposites on the color wheel) or more subtle combinations?

3. Do you think braiding/crochet chaining compacts the fiber too much? Do you prefer to have your fiber shipped in a loose ball?

4. Do you prefer to have your fiber shipped in a box (again, to prevent compacting) or is a polymailer okay?

5. Anything else that you want a fiber dyer to know?

EDIT: I thought of another question.

6. How many oz of roving in a single colorway do you usually buy?
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