Friday, September 5, 2008

first group order

Before I left on my camping trip the last week of August, I finished up my first group order. Less than three weeks from receiving payment to shipping the yarns--not bad for 30 skeins, considering that I was using this order as a way to work on techniques for increasing my output.

It looks less impressive than when I was winding all those skeins by hand. We had a nasty streak of unusually high humidity and heavy rains for nearly a week, and nothing dried until two nights before I had to get it in the mail. So I spent four hours one night reskeining yarn. The motor for my electric skein winder is still backordered, so neither modern technology nor my husband came to my rescue. Alas.

I'm pretty happy with the results, though. Next up is dyeing for a local fiber show and stocking my store, and then I'll take my next group order in November. There's also a possibility of wholesaling to a local retailer, so I'll be getting together some samples for that as well.
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