Friday, July 25, 2008

Zen String

Angelina of Zen String was my first yarn pusher, organizing the co-ops where I got my first undyed yarn, and dyeing me my first custom colorways. I don't buy from other dyers much anymore, seeing as my stash is already far beyond life expectancy, but once in a while I will cave and buy some of her lovely yarn.

In April, Angelina moved halfway across the country--but something happened and she and her four children have been without a permanent home since then. To help remedy this, the fine women of the Tiny Lady Cooperative are organizing a benefit for her, featuring her yarns.

The benefit starts July 29. I'm hoping to knit a soaker for it this weekend--but even if I don't manage to get it finished in time, please stop by and take a look at some of these wonderful items, and help a friend in need.
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