Tuesday, July 22, 2008

living in the shadow of the Great Yarn Depression

My yarn stash is out of control. A couple of months ago, I managed to sort it into entire skeins, which have completely filled a Lane cedar chest, and scraps, which are in a giant Rubbermaid tote. (This is just the dyed yarn; the undyed yarn has its own tote system.)

The scraps are my main problem now. I did get rid of a bunch of them by giving them to my kiddo's preschool to use for art projects and such. But other partial skeins are too big to just toss--I might use it for a hat someday! Or I might finish that other mitten/sock sometime. That yarn over there would be great for felting, if I ever manage to find time to work on that design that's been rattling around my head for two years. Well, that skein, yeah, I'll probably never use it, but someone else might--I ought to just photograph it and list it for sale. You name the scrap, I've got a good reason for keeping it.

I got another 10 lbs of undyed yarn today and I've got another six showing up shortly. I need this freaking tote to be empty so that I can use it for yarn I'm actually going to do something with. But I just can't let go.

It's not like the Great Yarn Depression is going to hit my household anytime soon. I don't know where this instinctive horror of getting rid of yarn is coming from.
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