Wednesday, December 31, 2008

squeaking in under the wire

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to finish up various works in progress. There's the stocking I made for my kiddo two years ago, but I didn't like the toe so I only sewed it up partially and didn't put on the i-cord trim. Then there's the gansey watch cap I started for my husband in July. And, of course, the infamous Jaywalkers.

I got a lot done. Finished the gansey hat before midnight on Christmas Day. Reknitted the stocking toe and re-seamed it, but did a bad job tacking on the i-cord so I still need to do that. Got some stashbusting in, too--I made myself a neckwarmer out of bulky 3-ply Targhee that has been languishing for a few years in my cedar chest, and made a pair of newborn/small longies for the Venus Vanguard stocking tomorrow. And miracle of miracles, the Jaywalkers have 2"-3" left to go, so I have hopes of getting them finished off tonight.

In business news, I had a successful inventory clearance sale last week, and my first group order of 2009 just opened yesterday at Yarn for Fun, with the second one due to open the first week of February at Designer Dupas Yarn. Halfway through my next wholesale order for Apple Yarns. The year's ending on a good note!
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