Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jaywalker, part 2

I am never, ever going to finish this pair of Jaywalkers that I started in September 2007. Yes, it's been 15 months. Good thing I have plenty of Smartwool socks to keep my feet warm.

After a reasonably good start, I put the project on hold for a few months. Came back to it when I had some downtime from business knitting and finished up the first sock in April or so. Got busy again and didn't pick up the second sock till I went on vacation in October. I couldn't find my instructions for knitting it toe-up, so I thought blithely that I would just knit the second one cuff down. I knew my chevrons would be pointing in the wrong direction, but I thought I'd just rotate it 1/8 or 1/4 or whatever, and then everything would match the other sock.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Got to the heel, turned it, and realized that my increases and decreases wouldn't cancel each other out. I'd end up with too many stitches, or not enough, or something. No problem--I'd just knit the bottom half of the sock toe-up, and then graft the halves together.

Alas, another solution that I didn't think through! I got to the grafting part. I was a mere 76 kitchener stitches away from a completed pair of Jaywalkers. But then I realized instead of forming nice tidy rows of triangles all pointing in the same direction, grafting would give me little diamonds with bulges of extra sock in their centers.

That's what you get for not doing a project straight through--you forget how the pattern works, make foolish assumptions, and end up with no socks. I'm putting this away for a while till the frustration fades a bit.
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