Wednesday, December 10, 2008

dye studio--trial run

I dyed in my garage dye studio for the first time at night. It went pretty well. For lighting, I had one wide-area Ott Lite (with another one on the way). The second light is definitely going to help, but I was able to angle the first over my work area so that there was adequate light. The light is a little harsh, but the colors do show up quite accurately.

Since my fancy induction burner wasn't going to work out, I had a $30 two-burner hotplate from Target. I used it to steam set some yarn last week, and it worked fine for that. I was space dyeing last night, and it did take a long time to get the water up to the right temperature, but it will do.

It's really nice to have dedicated space, where I don't need to worry about spilling stuff. Michael was the one really pushing to get my studio set up, since he wants to give the kitchen a minor makeover but didn't want to see accidental splotches of dye on all his handiwork. He installed the utility sink, cleaned out the garage, bought me shelving units, and made an executive decision about the burner when I was dithering over what to get. Left to my own lazy devices, I would still be dyeing in the kitchen, but thanks to him, I've got my own space. I'm glad I married him. ;)
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