Saturday, October 18, 2008

fiber show #1

This morning I dropped off my boxful of yarns (and one lonely braid of BFL roving) at the Whatcom Weavers fiber show.

I dropped by after the show opened tonight. The guild members in charge of setup did a fantastic job--nice flow through the tables, attractive grouping of items, lovely decorations. It was especially impressive because they didn't know all of the items they'd be getting until 11 a.m.

The cookie table was conveniently set up near my yarns, so kiddo and I sat and observed the shoppers browsing them. Up until now, my sales have been all online, so I was very curious to see which yarns attracted people, and what they did while deciding whether or not to purchase. In the 10 or 15 minutes we were there, we saw quite a few people rub one particular yarn type and point it out to their friends, though apparently that wasn't quite enough to close the deal right then.

I watched one woman methodically go through one basket of my yarn. She fingered one skein, put it back, went to my next basket. She immediately chose one skein, then went back to the other basket and picked up the one she'd originally looked at and added it to her shopping basket. It's an interesting exercise, trying to figure out what goes through people's minds when they're making purchasing decisions.

Another woman couldn't decide between two of my skeins. They were very different in both weights and color, so that surprised me a bit.

I work the floor tomorrow, so I'm hoping to snap a photo of my display table before it's open to the general public. I tried to get a picture tonight, but there were so many people--much more than either of the last two years, when I went as a customer.
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