Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I have a yarn problem.

I'm selling yarn at this fiber show this weekend:

I originally planned to dye about 50 skeins for the show. After seeing the horrified reactions of the show organizers when I told them, I decided to scale back. Apparently no one else brings nearly that much to sell. My philosophy is more along the lines of "if you don't bring it, you can't sell it," but okay, I didn't want to be the person that all the other guild members whispered about.

So I decided that I was only going to bring the stuff that hadn't sold through my online store (worsted and bulky sell very well because my main market is the soaker/longies crowd, sock and sport do not) or that I had otherwise accumulated, like yarn that needed a bit of touch-up dyeing that I'd never gotten around to doing. No special dyeing for the show. I figured I'd still have about a dozen to bring, while clearing out some space in my cedar chest.

Tonight, while my lovely husband reskeined yarn for my wholesale order, I pulled out everything that I wanted to bring so I could tag it. I still managed to find more than 30 skeins. Where did it all come from? I don't even remember dyeing some of this yarn, which I find to be a little scary--instead of sleepwalking, am I sleepdyeing?

There's quite a bit of sock and sport weight yarn, as I expected. There were a few that didn't photograph well, so I had just put them in the trunk for some future day when I have a better camera or mad photography skillz. But I was surprised to find several skeins of worsted yarn that I'd simply forgotten to sell in my store. It was sort of embarrassing, actually, that they'd gotten buried in the trunk. Too much yarn!

I still need to finish tagging the yarn with both my own tags and ones for the guild. I'll snap a photo tomorrow.
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