Saturday, June 21, 2008

photo gallery

Ten kilos of fluffy BFL are in da house, and I'm preparing to offer my first yarn co-op. I've decided to reorganize my photo gallery a bit better. With some colorways, I put both detail and full skein pictures in the gallery. Others have just one or the other. So I'm changing all the ones in my gallery to just the thumbnail version, and adding links to the full skein photos and, if I have them, the yarn knitted up. It's a little tedious--okay, a lot tedious--but when I'm done, it will have a tidy uniform look, and I think it will be nice for people to have the links to other photos.

I'm also adding consistent tags. When browsing other, huge galleries, I have dearly wished for a better search function. Mine isn't 10 pages long yet, but better to plan ahead and do it now, rather than go back and do it later for hundreds of photos.
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