Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flickr for the win

I really admire Carina's photos. She always manages to find a beautiful and often unique angle on her clothing and yarn. I was looking at her new photos in Flickr tonight, and happened to click on her camera type (Nikon D50).

I hadn't realized before that you could search Flickr for all photos taken with a certain camera type, and use search terms. Like, say, yarn. I searched for yarn photos taken with my camera, and the first several pages of photos were, frankly, not that great, even when I searched by "most interesting" (based on views, comments, and number of people marking it as a favorite). I wonder how much of it is who the typical owner of the camera is (i.e., an average sort of photographer who is mostly looking to take snapshots, not fuss with setting up the perfect composition or achieving the perfect lighting), and how much of it is the camera.

Before I get a new camera, I'm going to do a lot of searching in Flickr and Ravelry to find photos of yarn that I really love, and see which camera model(s) were used to take them. Obviously the camera is only one factor in a great photo, but at least I'll get an idea of what the potential is for a given model.
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