Thursday, January 10, 2008


My neck and shoulder still hurt, so not much is happening on the knitting front. I did decide what to do with the aran cabled shrug--I'm going to knit the shrug just in stockinette. The yarn is interesting enough on its own to carry a plain sweater, I think, and it will also help with the probable yarn shortage. Now I just have to heal, finish the boy's gansey, and then finally get to a sweater for myself.

And THEN I can figure out what to do with my black aran BFL. It's one of a kind yarn--my very favorite BFL that I've ever had. Soft and plush, and a true aran weight. Not the same as the old school, cottony BFL, though it bears more resemblance to that than the silky thin stuff we've been getting in the past year. I got half a kilo of naturally colored black through a co-op about 1.5 years ago, and spotted another half-kilo from the same co-op on the Wooly Wonder swap board a few weeks ago, so now I've got enough for a sweater for me. Oh, and I also managed to get my hands on two kilos of undyed from that co-op, too. Woot!

Today I am dedicating my childfree half-day to figuring out my 2007 income and expenses. After last year's tax-time, I vowed to do a better job of tracking the money stuff in 2007. Ha. Ha. Ha. I've only gotten through July in my PayPal account and my neck is killing me and I want to put my eyes out. Plus I still have paper receipts to go through. Waaaaahh.
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