Friday, January 27, 2012

Apple Yarns order

I'm in the middle of a series of wholesale orders right now, and here's the latest.

Apple Yarns - Jan 2012 order

Click on the photo for a link to my Flickr, where you can see colorway names. This order's for Apple Yarns, here in Bellingham.

In this order, my favorite was Sleeping Bear with Turquoise. This is a very old colorway--I dyed it for Apple Yarns right before the holidays, and it was so popular that she asked for it again. But before that, I can't remember the last time I dyed it. I really like how it came out this time; I'll have to put it back into my regular lineup. Sorry about the flash; it was a little less glare-y in Lightroom.

Sleeping Bear with Turquoise

And this was the runner-up, Mercado. Mercado

Next up on the dyeing list: NW Handspun's Madrona order, Pulling at Strings' February sock club, and a secret sock order. I have a busy few weeks ahead of me!
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