Thursday, January 7, 2010

what I've been up to

My family and I spent Christmas week taking turns throwing up, far from home. First my parents got it, then my kiddo, then me, and then my sister. My husband got the Blitzkrieg bug the night before we flew home. Good times.

But now I'm back, and busy dyeing again. This month I'm kicking off my first yarn club, with these two selections. They're called Heartfelt and Garnet. More about their origins after my club members get their dyer's notes.

Heartfelt - Jan club selection

garnet semi-solid - Jan club selection

I've got just one knitting resolution this year, and that's to finish up one unfinished project each month. Or throw it away, or whatever. I've got two giant knitting bags and a few boxes filled with miscellaneous partial projects, and I can't stand it anymore. I'm sure my husband passed that point long ago.

No specific 2010 goals yet. I actually met my 2009 goals well before the end of the year (go me!) so I've been pondering where to go next for a while. I'm working on my next wholesale order for the Loopy Ewe, so I should have a fair amount of time contemplating my objectives for the next 12 months.
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