Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cocoa Nouveau

A customer recently asked me to match a popular fabric being used for Goodmama diapers, Cocoa Nouveau. She wanted two browns, two blues, and cream. The browns were easy to match, but the blues were more of a challenge. After a couple of skeins that didn't quite work out, I ended up dyeing some cheap yarn about 12 different shades of blue, trying to zero in on the ones that I wanted.

Finally, I came up with a combination that I liked, and that matches pretty well. The fabric is a little washed out--there's more cream in it than shows up in the photo:

Here's another photo of just the variegated colorway plus matching trim:

I like it. It's an elegant combination of colors, and I like how the cream fades in and out of the other colors. It's going to join my regular lineup of colorways.
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