Thursday, May 15, 2008

note to self: read the directions

In my quest for a true, reliable black dye, I recently bought some Sabraset. I ASSumed that I could treat it like any other acid dye, but kept getting brownish results. No improvement on using straight Jacquard black.

This week, I was rereading a thread on Ravelry about black dye. I noticed that someone specifically mentioned the importance of following the manufacturer's instructions when using Sabraset. Um, there were instructions? I eventually dug them up on Prochemical's web site. Whoops! Yeah, Sabraset is not like your other, more forgiving dyes, where you can casually toss in some citric acid until it feels right. No wonder the black was striking too soon and turning brown.

So I've learned my lesson--always read the instructions. I'll try overdyeing this weekend, following recommendations, and see if I can rescue my four skeins of organic merino that aren't quite the right shade of black.
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