Wednesday, May 7, 2008

business cards

I'm almost out of business cards, so I decided I wanted to redesign them. Spent about an hour working on some variations before I settled on one. Then I spent another two hours trying to upload the file to a certain online print shop. They didn't have my preferred font, and when I converted the font to paths, it looked horrible. And I knew it wasn't just how it looked onscreen--having gotten cards from this place before, I knew that if it looked bad onscreen, it was going to look equally horrid in person.

I tried exporting the file to a bunch of different file formats, and they all looked bad. Plus the colors looked off, so I spent some time tweaking those. Eventually, I uploaded a blank file as the background image (I couldn't just have a blank background), uploaded my logo, and then used one of their house fonts for the rest of the content. Now my eyes hurt and my plans for an evening of knitting are shot. I do graphic design as part of my day job, so I really shouldn't be surprised that these things can eat up so much time ... but somehow I just didn't think it would take so long.
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