Friday, February 29, 2008

cousins under the skin--er, overdye

Seems like lately I've been dyeing a lot of warm yellows, so rather than mixing it everytime, I got some golden yellow dye. I was messing around with it one night, trying to get a colorway that was something like this, only with a little turquoise:

Instead, I got this:

And a subsequent try was a little sloppy--I didn't make the color repeats long enough, and everything bled as the dye was setting, so I resorted to my old friend the navy overdye:

Strange to think that these two colorways are actually related. Sort of like the way human beings share 90+ percent of their genes with apes, yet turned out rather differently. That's what's so interesting and frustrating about dyeing: how what you plan is so often not what happens.
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