Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer of Fiber Fortune: week #5

I've had at least one winner every week, which is very cool! Maybe this week you'll be one of them?

This week’s winning numbers are:

10% discount: 25

free shipping: 38

$5 discount: 23

After endless days, I finally got through my 2 oz batt that I've been spinning into laceweight. It's terrible yarn because I kept waffling between "it needs to be thinner" and "I hate how this is turning out, so I need to spin it thicker to get it over with." Plying was the most tedious experience ever. Ugh.

But now I'm on to my Sally Bill roving. I was a little regretful when I first got it back from the processor because I thought I should have processed it by hand to separate out and maintain the interesting variegation in colors. But when I started spinning it, the charcoal and caramel started peeping through the silver in the singles. Love it. I'm intending to do a 3-ply in a DK weight. I'm spinning it woolen-ish--backward draw of about 3", but with little to no twist in the fiber supply. It is going so fast--I've spun about 4 oz after two nights of spinning, which is super speedy for me.

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