Friday, September 9, 2011



When I originally dyed this combination of colorways, it made me think of the ocean and its infinite variety of blues and greens. I named it Westward, after the schooner that I sailed on during my off-campus semester in college at Williams-Mystic. We spent 10 days on the Westward, sailing through the Bahamas. Although I felt like I spent most of my time on the voyage trapped in the lab, counting copepods (most of my deck watches were at night, and my day watches seemed to be mostly science/lab ones), it was still a great experience to help with ocean research on a tall ship.

When a friend, who now serves on the W/M Alumni Council, asked if I would donate an item to the annual silent auction, Westward came to mind immediately. I've contributed a skein of this colorway on my Silk & Silver base. If you happen to be an alum going to the reunion next weekend in Mystic, be sure to bid early and often!

And for those of you who aren't, I've listed some worsted and aran weight yarns at HC. More coming next week--I'm clearing the decks for some new base yarns and colorways.

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