Wednesday, July 14, 2010

leaving on a jet plane

My yarn arrived safely in Illinois today, I'm happy to say. I had visions of my yarn strewn for miles behind an oblivious FedEx truck somewhere in the Great Plains.

I fly out tomorrow with my five-year-old, armed with my new netbook, my even newer DVD drive, and four episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy. My child is obsessed with him. He's adopted Bill's nervous laugh, draws pictures of him in preschool, and thinks in the metric system. Seriously. He has no grasp of feet or ounces, but describe something in meters or kilograms and he has a much better frame of reference.

Oh, and I'll be checking a duffel bag full of yarn and fiber. A few examples:

Crystal, on merino/tencel fiber. This sold at BSG before I even had a chance to photograph my booth, but I think I was able to capture the colorway again.


Huckleberry, on Willow BFL/nylon. Please excuse the fuzzies on the yarn.


And Weeping Willow, dyed here on Blue Mist BFL/suri alpaca. Love the subtle variations in the green.

Weeping Willow

I have some more fiber to tag, and then off to bed. I have time to pack my clothes tomorrow. I hope.
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