Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yarn club coming December 10!

Just got through finalizing my listing for yarn club slots, which go live at noon Eastern Time this Thursday. I think I got it set up correctly, but it's a little complicated due to all of the options, so time will tell. I can always manually invoice people if it doesn't work out, but of course ideally I didn't botch it.

When designing the club, I thought about what I'd like in a club, and at the top of the list was flexibility, with lots of options that fit the way I knit (and enhance my stash). So there are lots of choices--which colorway you want, what kind of yarn you want, and how you want to pay for it--in the club.

* Each shipment will have two colorway options, a variegated and a coordinating semi-solid.

* Shipment will be one skein of yarn of either colorway, plus the option to choose additional skeins of either colorway.

* You can choose from 3-6 base yarn options, which will vary with each installment. I expect that I’ll use the club to do some testing of new base yarns, which is why the options will change frequently. My two favorite yarns, Canadian Blue-Faced Leicester (aran weight) and Willow sock (Blue-Faced Leicester/nylon) will always be options.

* No patterns, and just one goodie. (The first package will have chocolate.) I’d rather keep prices lower by not including a bunch of swag that people might not want.

* Shipments will be every other month, with an initial subscription period of 6 months (a total of three shipments).

* Billing can either be per individual installment, or a total upfront for a discount. Additional skeins will be billed separately if you choose the upfront option.

* Initial signup will be limited to eight spots. I'm keeping it small, at least at first, to ensure prompt delivery and top quality.

Also, I'm stocking as the featured fiber artist with Their Own Knitted World on Thursday. Turns out that I had a big smudge on my camera lens, which I only discovered when I realized all my photos were a little blurry in the middle. Sigh. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow.
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