Saturday, September 12, 2009

no sock club this fall

I had every intention of launching a sock club this fall. Then after Sock Summit, I acquired a lovely new exciting wholesale account. The first order, plus a small group order and the Winesap pre-order, have eaten up all my time and yarn storage space. After I finish with all those things, I've got another small group order and a different wholesale order for November and December. So no sock club until early next year, I'm afraid.

Mentally, I'm getting closer to leaving my day job and focusing on this. I'm penciling out the numbers and seeing if I can make it work. Kiddo and I recently lost insurance coverage through my husband's work, so now I'm paying for premiums out of pocket and it's eating up a fair amount of my take-home pay. But it's absolutely necessary, if only for peace of mind; due to paperwork snafus, we didn't have coverage for a month (though I know I could've applied retroactively for COBRA) and I was half-panicked the whole time.

Anyway. I'm risk-averse when it comes to finances, so taking the leap and depending on Huckleberry Knits for my living is a big mental and emotional barrier.
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